5 March 2020


Workshop at SMS Medical College Jaipur Rajasthan

SMS Medical College is part of Lien Collaborative for Palliative Care CTC3 Program. They have since setup a Palliative Care service successfully and provided care to their patients.

A workshop for patients of oropharyngeal malignancies was organised by their PALLIATIVE CARE CENTER on 29 January 2020, 9:00-10:00 am. 50 patients and caregivers and 5 nursing staff attended the workshop.

Topics discussed in detail were as the following:

  1. Wound dressing and sterilisation of dressing items at home
  2. Infection prevention strategies
  3. Prevention of maggot infiltration and foul smell
  4. Healthy diet advice
  5. Proper fluid and electrolyte intake
  6. Pain management strategies
  7. Psychological and social support
  8. Educating them about various government schemes for financial benefits from government
  9. Educating the care givers about quitting smoking and tobacco use
  10. Educating them about early signs of cancer
  11. Providing awareness regarding early detection of oral cancers
  12. Request to the caregivers for volunteer

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