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All Lien Collaborative for Palliative Care projects at a glance

Lien Collaborative
  for Palliative Care

A project by the
Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network
and the
Lien Foundation

to enhance palliative care leadership and capacity in developing countries

Lien Collaborative calendar of activities in 2023

calendar 2023.png
Our Reach

Our Reach

 Countries (7).gif

 States (9).gif

 Institutions (10).gif

 Trainees (11).gif

To explore project information specific to each country, select the country of interest on the map.

Featured Projects

Mr. Sein Hla Aung wants to shout out in pain, but controls himself in the crowded wards.

60-year-old Mrs. Sophia Khatun is in pain and in danger of chasing after futile treatment.

With proper pain control, Karanaka who is 7-year-old was conscious, alert and was even playing. 

Fear of the unknown is causing 38-year-old lung cancer patient Mrs Perera (not her real name) great mental anguish.

Accessible and Sustainable Palliative Care

Till date, our core teams' and trainees' collaborative efforts have allowed us to see significant improvement in Asia Pacific's palliative care scene through:"

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