Lien Collaborative for Palliative Care

The Lien Collaborative for Palliative Care (Lien Collab) draws on philanthropy, tertiary educational institutions, palliative care service providers and individuals to collaborate on a project designed to strengthen Palliative Care leadership and capacity. This initiative has been co-developed by the Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network (APHN) and the Lien Foundation. Through facillitating, supporting, advocating, and influencing.

We strive to achieve 3 main objectives for our countries of operation:
1.   Help build Palliative Care capacity in the region
2.  Focus on countries with little/no services
3.  Integrate with mainstream government health system

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The Impact

Till date the collaborative effort from our core teams and trainees have allowed us to see significant improvement in Asia Pacific's palliative care scene from the initial launch in 2013: 
- Regional Presence in 31 States and 2 Union Territories across Asia
- Coverage over 5 Coutries and expanding
- Equiped 100+ Trainers
- Established across 79 institutions



 In-Country Training of Trainers program 

Essential Pain Medications Programme

Overseas Clinical Fellowship


 • A course to train volunteers to become master trainers (6 teaching weeks over 3 years)

• Comprises interactive case based learning, ward visits, teaching with patients, and role play

• Engage key Government Institutions


 • Engage Ministry of Health, Drug Regulators, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

• Improve availability, accessibility, and affordability of pain medications


• 1 to 3 month attachments at established services

The Approach


The Faculty



Lead: Dr Cynthia | Co-lead: Dr Akhilesh



Lead: Dr Cynthia | Co-lead: Dr Sushma


Sri Lanka

Lead: Dr Cynthia | Co-lead: Dr Ghauri



Lead: Dr Cynthia | Co-lead: Dr Shirlynn



Lead: Dr Cynthia | Co-lead: Dr Sushma