Our Reach

5 Countries

31 States

79 Institutions

250+ Trainees

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  • Coverage over 5 countries and expanding

  • Regional Presence in 31 States and 2 Union Territories across Asia

  • Established across 79 institutions

  • Equipped 250+ trainees

Projects Overview

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Overall Progress

  • The Lien Collaborative for Palliative Care (Lien Collab) was initiated first in Myanmar followed by Bangladesh in 2013.

  • The initial teams started out small with 5-6 experts of doctors and nurses and focused on equiping the local healthcare practitioners through institutional partnership and train the trainer programmes.

  • As the programme and its model of advocating palliative care began to see notable results, the Lien Collab began to branch out to other countries in the region, focusing on those which were developing and whose populations did not have good access to palliative care.

  • Till date, a notable impact can be seen accross the countries that have partnered this effort, and we hope to broaden this impact in a sustainable fashion.


Featured Projects

Mr Sein Hla Aung wants to shout out in pain but controls himself in the crowded wards.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

 Fear of the unknown is causing 38-year old lung cancer patient Mrs Perera (not her real name) great mental anguish

Dhaka, Bangladesh

60-year old Mrs Sophia Khatun is in pain and in danger of chasing after futile treatment.

Goa, India

With proper pain control, Karanaka, who is 7 year old was conscious, alert and even playing 


Future Work

Currently, despite the limitations brought by the pandemic COVID-19 virus, Lien Collaborative continues to bolster its relatively young programme in Bhutan and is conducting the feasibility of expansion into new regions, namely, Timor Lestle, Laos, and Nepal.

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  • Feasibility study planned in 2020 has been postponed due to Covid-19 situation

  • Planned for one Histopathologist and one Lab technician attachment to SGH in Jan 2020, has been postponed due to Covid-19 situation

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  • Planned to partner with Khon Keen University to develop training in Laos, this has been postponed due to Covid-19 situation.

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  • Lien Collaborative team has been keeping an eye on development of Nepal. We have kept in touch with the doctors who had gone to Nepal in 2020 to help in developing Palliative Care services under the International Nepal Fellowship.