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Lien Collaborative Training in Myanmar


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The Lien Collaborative for Palliative Care (Lien Collab) began in Myanmar when the first training was rolled out from 16-22 June 2013. It started with 5 expert faculty: 3 doctors and 2 nurses from Singapore and Australia. The programme has trained 28 selected candidates from around the country including doctors, nurses and medical social workers from 11 hospitals and 1 hospice. The programme was hosted by the Department of Oncology at Yangon General Hospital, the country’s largest teaching hospital. 



Through relentless efforts and engagement, the Lien Collaborative Programme strives to aid Myanmar in 

Continued government support to ensure access to palliative care is growing sustainably

 Making oral morphine available, affordable and accessible

Recognition of palliative care in local healthcare education


Project Milestones

Morphine Availability


Initially, Myanmar’s healthcare systems largely did not provide morphine. However, through the work of Lien Collab, government factories now manufacture oral morphine for hospitals. Patients are now provided free morphine. 



Over the years of working with the authorities, palliative care is now part of undergraduate Medical & Nursing curriculums. 

Sustained growth from donors and trainees

Advocacy and public outreach and teaching in own hospitals & around the country.

National Strategy


The project has received support from the Ministry of Health (MOH) in hosting the Opioid Seminar at Naypyidaw, as well future support in planning for palliative care advancement on a national level.


Latest Updates

The train the master trainer programme was completed as of 2017. With 28 trainees from 12 institutions across 2 cities. This programme was supported by 11 faculty volunteers during the 4-year period.

The Lien Collab team continues to play the advisory role with the authorities to sustain the growth and continued advancement of accessible palliative care in Myanmar. The programme is currently run independently by the pioneer volunteers from Myanmar who have completed the programme. 

To date, palliative services have started and expanded at various major hospitals in Myanmar including:

• Yangon General Hospital
• Mandalay General Hospital
• Yangon Children’s Hospital
• North Okkalapa Hospital Yangong

Latest Upates
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